Study for the CPA Exam or Become and Actor?

It wasn’t that long ago that I had a set manager working on the production staff who talked with me about his career ambitions. He originally went to school to become and accountant because his parents wanted him to get a steady and stable job. As he put it, they wanted him to have an honorable job. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting from University of Berkley and it was time to actually go out in the world and start his career as an accountant. The only problem is he didn’t want to.

During the four years he was in college, he worked for me on the set of several movies we were filming as a stagehand and then a manager. He liked his job and didn’t really want to start studying for the CPA exam, but felt he had to because he parents wanted him to become a CPA. So that’s what he did.

He bought one of the best CPA review courses out there called CPAexcel by Wiley Publishing. Apparently, the CPA exam is quite difficult and takes several months to study and take. He started studying using Wiley CPAexcel and took the first section within the first few months. Although his study schedule was busy and difficult, he stuck to it.

He passed the first two sections in a row and then he failed the third section. He said even using the best CPA review course the exam is still really difficult. At this point he came up to me and asked for my opinion what he should do with his career. Essentially he wanted me to tell him to stop studying for the CPA exam and just focus on his career in the movie business. I couldn’t give him that advice. I think it would be a waste of his education to simply quit and start a career in the movies.

I told him to dig deep and get back to studying. I don’t really know anything about the Wiley CPAexcel review course, but I know my employee can beat this exam. After he’s a CPA he can decide whether he wants to leave the profession of accounting. Until then I don’t think it’s a good idea to quit.

I pride myself in not quitting anything I start. When I first got into the movie business, I didn’t really want to be in the industry. I wanted to go to college to become a surgeon. I finished college and started a career in a hospital and didn’t like it. All I could think about was going back to my old job. I would never have known that if I didn’t try. If I just quit school, I would always wonder what if. What if I went back to school? I simply told Kevin, stick it out. You’ll be happy you did.

Keeping RV Water Soft and Portable While on the Movie Set

One of the biggest considers on a movie set is making sure the talent is comfortable. This includes making sure their trailer and RVs are up to their specifications, making sure any exercise equipment and weight lifting items are easily accessible, but most importantly making sure that they are properly fed with food they like and getting them good quality drinking water.

The most difficult thing to balance out and keep consistent is the drinking water that is offered on stage and to the actors in their RVs. Actors are notorious for demanding soft water throughout the entire movie set.

Not only do you need to keep the water soft and drinkable for the actors, but the entire staff and crew needs good drinking water too. A lot of times this is very difficult to accomplish in a remote filming location where access to water is limited. In such cases, you need a heavy duty portable water softener that can get good drinking water for the crew and the talent.

Of course, you always have the option to stock cases and cases of bottled water for everyone on the set, but that can get expensive very quick. Movie sets can be anywhere from a few weeks to a six or seven months. Now, think about how much is consumed in a six month period of time. Not only are we talking about water that is drank by actors and the crew, but also all of the water that is used in showers, sinks, washing machines, etc. You need to have softened water for all of these operations because hard water just isn’t going to cut it.

For this, you will need a great personal water softener unit for the cast and their trailers that removes contaminates from water. You will need to inspect the particular unit that you are purchasing to make sure it can handle the volume of water that you set will be using, some sets obviously use more water and some obviously use less. Just as sets use more or less water, some osmosis water softeners last longer than others, so you will need to do your homework to make sure you have the right one for your set.

I have used all types of different softeners on our movie sets, so it’s really just about what is required for you job. But, if you get the right one, that should be all you need to keep everyone happy. I’ve run countless sets using water softeners to keep people happy and everyone loves the quality of water, the clarity of the water, and the softness of the water.

In acting, keeping yourself properly hydrated with the right kind of water is very important. Not only is that important, but the water quality is also very important. Keeping water that interacts properly with makeups and shampoos is essential to proper production of a movie.

So, if you are doing any type of water management or water control on your movie set, consider getting a water softener to help with the production process.

Enjoying Chinese Film While Teaching English in Baotou

As with any country, China has its own unique culture with all of the wonderful attractions that you would expect.

Today, I want to talk specifically about the film industry in China because it is just starting to kick off and it is quickly becoming highly respected and influential.

For much of the 20th century, China was a highly impoverished country, but this has, in recent years, been changing due to their willingness to open up their markets and their limited embrace of the capitalist economic system. This has led their people to have enough extra income to do things like go see movies and other cultural activities.

For many years, this wasn’t a possibility. People simply did not have any cash to do so, and since any film company was state owned, there may or may not have had any films to see to begin with.

However, all of this is now changing. With a changing education and economic system, China is quickly rising in its reputation as a film producing country. I was recently in China doing a teach English abroad program in Baotou, and things have changed drastically. I had always wanted to visit China, so I asked myself, “Can I teach English at Baotou, China?”

After doing some research, I found that not only was this a possibility, but I could get paid to do it! And on top of getting paid, I could teach in other Chinese cities as well. The test that I took and passed for my program also served as a certification to teach English around Nanjing, so I had my pick of a bunch of cities.

The choice was easy. I picked one of the major metropolitan areas so I could absorb as much of the culture as possible.

During my time teaching English to students, I spent countless hours watching films at local theaters and going to local cinema gatherings. There are entire groups of cinema enthusiasts who live and breath to experience the motion picture.

And even though it did not last as long as I would have hoped, I don’t regret the experience for one minute. You hear students speak about their semesters abroad and how great they were, well this really was that good. And unlike all of those students who had to pay to go abroad, everything for me was paid for and then some.

To any student of film, I highly advise looking into the requirements for English Teaching in Hangzhou. The incredible amount of information that you are able to absorb by going out to a foreign country and experiencing its culture is unparalleled. I will say, however, that you do need to make a conscience effort to get out there and see the area. It is easy to get done with your day of teaching and head straight to your apartment and hide out. Do not, I repeat DO NOT do this. You will surely regret it and it doesn’t do anything to give you a great new experience and story to tell the world for the rest of your life.

Get out there and enjoy your time in China!